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Numerology Forecast for December 2023 - Creating Your Own Heaven On Earth


Main Messages:


December is a 1 Universal Month (1+2+2+0+2+3 = 10 → 1) during a 7 Universal Year (2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7). Last month (the 9 universal month) was all about the releasing, endings/beginnings, and developing compassion for the process. This month will bring acceptance, shifts, cycle completions and a newness of ideas and plans. Get Ready!

Here's a video discussing the Numerology and energy for this month! Check it out below!

ONENESS IS THE WAY!! Continue to the Numerology Forecast for December 2023 below:


1 is the number of the ego and self! One thing about this number is that every number includes the number 1, making it the absolute number! 1 represents leadership, new beginnings, expression of self, individuality and adjustments to your way of life!

In December 2023, we step into the embrace of the Universal 1 Month, a period that often means new beginnings... but comes with releasing the old! Pay attention to what ideas come to you and what aspects of yourself (and your life) needs to change. Make a mental note: this 1 energy will come around again in February 2024, BUT... with the overall energetic signature of the 8! This is the PERFECT opportunity to remove the obstacles that are blocking you (most likely beliefs and ideas about yourself that keep you from moving forward) and gain some momentum!

Although the 1 energy draws us to focus on our individual lives, recognize that “YOUR WAY” isn’t always “THE WAY,” so have a bit more compassion for others' ideas and for those who you may or may not understand.

Trusting the Universal Energies and Divine Guidance
To navigate the universal energies, it's essential to trust and attune yourself to the divine guidance that you are currently receiving. How are you surrendering to where you are being led?

2024 (Universal 8 Energy) is coming, but you can still make the most of 2023 (Universal 7 Energy)!

As mentioned in last month’s forecast, the 7 energy is still present (up until December 31st) and we should take this opportunity to utilize the 7's potential while we still can! Though many of us are READY for the 2024 Universal 8 energy to come in (and we are beginning to feel it now), the 7 energy can still work wonders! If you navigate this month’s energy with the intention of utilizing the 7 energy, you can really make this month a month to remember!

How to Navigate the 7 Energy During the 1 Universal Month to Prepare For 2024

Here we are! The last month of the year! This is the best time (especially with the 1 energy) to really set yourself up for the Universal 8 Year! During this time, you are being encouraged to

Please note that this is the energy of the month. If you want to know how to calculate your personal month energy, check out this blog!

Advice and what you may see more of this month:

  • HEALING HEALING HEALING! We are still in the 7 year! Healing practices and ventures are a must!

  • Get in touch with your spiritual self! (Need help with that? Book a Spiritual Intuitive Session with me today!)

  • View the world as a place of peace and infinite opportunities to manifest your desires. Ask for what you want!

  • Create your own personal heaven on earth by following your true desire. This is your spiritual compass.

  • Accept that you are a divine being and co-create as such. What you believe this month is crucial in developing positive and negative outcomes towards the beginning of next year!

What to avoid this month:

  • Avoid spending too much money this month! Financial discipline is crucial this month as it will support you in the Universal 8 Year of Abundance!

  • Avoid mixing and matching your personal and professional lives! Keeping a good balance between the two are important!

  • Hard-headedness! Stubborn doesn’t work when everyone is impacted!

  • Stagnation! Avoid remaining stuck. Momentum during the 1 universal month supports the act of creation. Missing that window can bring disappointment!

RECAP! This is the end of the year! Recall the year by checking out the 2023 forecast (video below) Check them out the universal 7 year energy (video below) , reflect on how the 7 is impacting your life, and ask yourself these questions for this month:

  • How can you extend more compassion this month (to yourself and to others)

  • What is that you need to accept and surrender to in your life right now? Why haven’t you already?

  • What can you do each day to keep up the momentum? What steps can you take to achieve the freedom you desire?

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Written by Teaira

Queens with LIT Dreams

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