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Master Clarity Coaching

It's a breath of fresh air when you FINALLY receive the clarity you have been searching for!


Although the answers are within us, the goal is dig a bit deeper to reveal what truly lies ahead for you. Let me provide you with the shovel!​



As we "infuse your humanity with your spirituality" you will receive customized plans, next steps and realistic goal setting tools to create and achieve your vision on both a physical and spiritual level.


Uncovering and utilizing natural gifts and tools while developing the confidence to use them will bring a sense of clarity like no other. I am here to help you get to that level of LIT-ness! 


You don't need to know the destination, you just need to light the path for you to get there. My coaching sessions are individually designed for your own INNERstanding of self, direction and purpose!

Join the Clarity Community and reach all new heights!




"I have received coaching from Teaira for the past 5 years. Sometimes I will book a reading every few months when I need some quick guidance which is amazing, but my most profound experiences have been through working with Teaira on a weekly basis. She has never ever steered me in the wrong direction and has had impeccable insight to my blockages and my talents that were ready to blossom.

She has helped me understand my life purpose, as well has given me solid advice for business timing and even with setting up the most soul aligned prices for my services which was amazingly helpful for my business. I can’t even describe how much I have benefited from Teaira’s guidance, she really has you covered on the most practical level and on the soul level. She truly lives up to the title of Master Clarity Coach."

-Oak Christopher, Los Angeles CA 

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