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11/11 Portal Activation - Harnessing the Power of the Past

Its 11/11 and if you're anything like me, you've felt this shift in energy and want to know how this is going to show up for you!

First, let's get to the nitty-gritty! 11/11 energy requires for us to really pay attention to the beliefs and mindsets we hold on ALL/DIFFERENT levels of our conscious and subconscious. If you were to see the number 1111 anywhere, you would most likely have to pay attention to the thoughts you possess and how those very thoughts become a reality (negatively or positively).

I would always tell me clients and students that the numbers are gateway messages to the energetic realms of the universal design (or blueprint) of life. With that being said, a lot of people believe 11:11 (or 11/11) represents an energetic portal that activates new knowledge, awareness and abilities to manifest. As true as this may be, there are major components we have to pay attention to when focusing on this wave of energy this time around.

Let me cook...👩🏾‍🍳

This Universal 7 Year has brought about A LOT of internal energies to the surface! A lot of spiritual practitioners have been picking up on this energy of stagnation in external growth and an abundance of life lessons and expansion in their healing internally [this also is bringing up belief work around how you manifest, what is and isn't serving you, connections and communication, etc.]

To get a better innerstanding, see the 2023 Universal 7 Year Numerology Forecast Video Here:

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In regard to how this 11/11 portal activates you, pay attention to your intuitive hits and even your dreams! 👀


  • Memories of past lives and past life lessons

  • Soul retrieval - retrieving lost souls through meditation or spiritual practice.

  • Heightened intuition and dream recall

  • Clearing of your aura and energy field.

  • Sensitivity to others energy

  • Cleaning or the need to clear your space to receive (light, love, revelations, opportunities, etc.)

  • Remembering what brings you joy.


You are receiving past life information at this time! There's a strong energy around the necessity of recalling your previous memories in order to truly experience receiving in the future. This is pivotal in tapping into your ancient wisdom to change what may be coming in the near future.


For some (especially if you're a sensitive intuitive), you may be tapping into alternative timelines and witnessing the lessons you are needing to learn in this lifetime. {Yes, you can tap into different timelines where a different you are ultimately learning similar lessons}


As mentioned before, 11/11 energy brings about a test of truly believing you can have what you want and TRUSTING that it'll come to you. The whole point of you receiving so much information about your past memories is because you need these pieces of your soul to generate more in your life. You are needing to honor your joy and happiness while giving yourself grace. When's the last time you invited grace to guide you?


Recognize the old belief patterns (from this life/timeline or others) and be open to cleaning this energy. You can do the following:

  • Clearing meditation - call in your guides to support you in showing you what energies or beliefs need clearing.

  • Clean your space or declutter your home.

  • Be aware of your words and thoughts. Let it be the driving force in your reality.


  • Welcome the real you and allow the transcendence of your past memories pull you into this "free fall" into your reality.

  • Pay attention to how the collective is affecting your belief systems. Are they pushing you towards individuality? Eliminate the doubt.

  • Write down your dreams and make note of how they are making you feel.

If you've read this far, you're obviously invested in harnessing this energy. Comment below if you've felt this energy today and how you are looking to harness it!

Well, that's all folks! Feel like these were great takeaways? Support this Queen with a LIT Dream and COMMENT BELOW what you think and SHARE these tips with others!! Stay LIT Royal Fam! Until next time!

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