Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need About Numerology

With Numerology, it is important to realize that a numerology reading helps determine energy and overall impact of the numbers in your life as well as different cycles in your lifetime. The numbers in your life can show certain characteristics, natural skills and abilities, how you express yourself, compatibility and more. My goal with numerology is to help explain the “blueprint” of your life, how you got to where you are today, and how to utilize the energy of the numbers in the future.

Can Numerology predict my future?

Numerology can reveal the energy (in the numbers) that are influencing you in your past, present, and future. When you understand the numbers, you can have a better idea of what energy comes with them and the nature of events that happen in certain times of your life.  Numerology cannot predict people’s actions or their intentions; just the energy of impact around your life.

How do I figure out what my numbers are?

In a personal Numerology reading, I will discuss what the important numbers in your chart are, how I calculated the numbers and how they impact you. You can also check out upcoming blogs that discuss how to understand the numbers and how they relate to your life.

Do I need to know my Birth Time for Numerology?

Your birth time is not required to determine your numerology. I do however use your birth time for added clarification. The only things you need for your numerology is your Full Birth Name, birthday (MM/DD/YYYY), nickname, and name you go by today. Depending on the type of reading you’re looking for, I would need your phone number and address (i.e. business name reading etc.)

Does Numerology determine when someone can be born, pass away, or lottery number winnings?

No, numerology does not determine any of the above. It is isn’t design to determine chances of winning or projected dates and time of birth and death.