What is Dream Interpreation?

Your LIT Dreams Have LIT Meanings!

Are you a vivid dreamer? Do you need assistance in understanding the messages that come to you in your dreams? Having trouble remembering dreams? Don’t worry! This is all apart of the journey.

Dreams are more than just our goals and aspirations. Dreams are the gateways to our inner being and soul. We connect to ourselves (and others) through our dreams and understand the deeper messages from our subconscious.

It was my dreams that got me started on my spiritual journey; and it was my dreams that led me to understand that I am not alone in my journey in life. My gift in dream interpretation was not only an interest of mine, but it was a gift passed down through generations. After spending majority of my life understanding dreams, I have moved forward to help others understand their own.

Your dreams help you in many areas such as:

  • Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving

  • Discovering what needs healing

  • Processing your emotions

  • Understanding relationships  

  • Communicating with your guides and angels

  • Accessing memories

And More!!

Whether you dream every night or don’t dream at all, you can always benefit from taking the first steps to understand yourself and your subconscious on a deeper level. Let’s chat!


Explore the depths of your LIT dreams

Book your Dream Session

Sweet Dreams

Online/Email or Phone Dream Interpretation

If you have on 1-3 dreams that you are looking for additional guidance for, then this is the session for you. ~Sweet and straight to the point~

Looking to start your journey to remembering and understanding your dreams? Book a 30-45 minute session (video call, email, or in-person) to discuss that dream that has been on your mind.

During this session we will cover:

  • Hidden messages in your dream from your guides and subconscious

  • Ways to actively connect with your own dreams

And More!


  • Digital copy of your notes and interpretation

  • One 3-Card Oracle Reading for additional clarification of your dream(s).

Dreams sent via email will take 1-2 business days to complete.

This session can be held via virtual and/or in-person. Book your session below!

Price – $65.00


Looking for another option?

Dream interpretation isn't always about deciphering every detail from your dreams. It's about understanding the overall messages and the next steps to take to follow them. Looking for a short consultation around your dreams? Send an email and we can chat about what options we have for you!