Meet A Queen with a LIT Dream

Meet Teaira!

She is a professional numerologist and digital artist from Ohio. She also has spent many years as a transformational and spiritual coach and specializes in dream interpretation. For the past few years, she has been blessed to have traveled through North America and Southeast Asia to take her spiritual journey to the next level.

As she returned to the place where the spark of her art originated, she was able to tap into hidden aspects of herself and build up the confidence to help others harness their hidden power through the guidance and inspiration of her gifts and talents. Since childhood, Teaira has acknowledged that art has been the one aspect of her life that gave her balance; and she intends on continuing to make her (as well as others) dreams a reality.

Teaira got her start on her spiritual journey in college at Ohio University. At the time she was focused on her own spiritual development while she was earning her degree in Child and Family Studies. Growing up in a family that fostered children, her passion for supporting youth runs to her core. In the five years following graduation she went on to work in education, government, and the nonprofit sector with children and families in low-income communities.

But as a consummate spiritual learner, she continued in her spiritual study by getting a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Sedona in Metaphysical Science along with being a certified professional Numerologist, ordained minister and specializes in Dream Interpretation.

One thing that Teaira noticed on her journey was the missing bridge between the creative mind and the spiritual well-being.  Through growth and transformation, she came to recognize that you can achieve heightened spiritual awareness through creative expansion; and that is when she decided to use her gifts (spiritual and artistic) to connect with others throughout the world.

Through years of exploring the depths of her own dreams, a fire was lit and Queens with LIT Dreams was born!

Teaira’s coaching style has been described as “infusing the humanity into spirituality.” She brings her light, fun attitude to even the heaviest of topics, helping her LIT Kings and Queens feel energized and positive as they heal and grow. Her art is described has “inspiring, captivating and captures the essence of the soul.”

Today, Teaira is working on her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling, with her heart set on opening an International Leadership Training Center, offering a home and healing space to foster children. She aspires to continue expanding knowledge and creativity while exploring the depths of your goals and dreams! May the LIT dreams stay LIT!


"Teaira’s numerology forecast for me was so generously helpful and spot on! She helped me understand the energy that was being expressed with different names (legal vs nickname) I go by as well as different business names I was potentially using. With her help I have come up with a business name that represents the exact energy I want my clients to feel. She has continued to help me understand the specific days that will represent my highest good for my business as well as personal reflecting days. She brings out your inner child and makes every session fun and enjoyable. It is clear that she wants nothing but the best for you and wants to be sure you understand “the numbers” and how to achieve your highest intention for yourself."

~Carly - Oakland, CA