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Numerology is the divine "blueprint" of your life that provides direct knowledge of the inner-self. Dated back to ancient Egyptian mathematics and passed along to the "Father of Numbers" Pythagoras, we used the energy behind the numbers to navigate through our daily lives and gives us the ability to be in the driver seat of our own lives!


It is based on the principle that "The world is built upon the power of numbers" and is all about understand the energy behind the numbers that affect your life.  


It is important to realize that a numerology reading helps determine energy and overall impact of the numbers in your life as well as different cycles in your lifetime. The numbers in your life can show certain characteristics, natural skills and abilities, how you express yourself, compatibility and more.


My goal with numerology is to help explain the “blueprint” of your life, how you got to where you are today, how to utilize the energy of the numbers in the future and how to FREE yourself using the numbers.

Have Questions About Numbers?

Blueprint Numerology Reading

(PDF Only)

Get your customized Numerology Reading including your Core Numbers (Life Path Number, Hearts Desire, Birth Chart, Personality and Expression Number) and personalized channeled guidance for the year.

Diamond Sight Reading

(PDF Only)

This reading is for people who are looking  for insight on their forecast for the months and current year, planning to make decisions that they need guidance/confirmation on, or looking  to gain a better understanding of how to move with the energy vs. pushing against it.

Maximize Your Potential with our Power of the Name Analysis

Unlock the potential of your name with our Name Analysis service. We comb through the numerological aspects associated with your name and provide insight into how they can shape your life. With our guidance, you'll INNERstand how the strengths and weaknesses of your name can either propel you forward or hold you back. It's time to harness the power of your name and use it to unlock your full potential.

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Personalized Numerology Reading  - 1 Hour 45 Minutes - 2 Hours

During this session, we discuss the divine blueprint of numbers laid out in your path. We will discuss the basics of the numbers 1-9, cover the energy behind your numbers as well as aspects of your Numerology Birth Chart such as:

  • Your Ruling Number (also known as your Life Path Number)

  • Your Complete Name Number and Energy

  • Karmic Numbers

  • Soul Urge/Heart Desire Number

  • Personal Month and Year Energy


  • Digital copy of your Numerology Reading/Notes


In this session, you will be a lot of connecting the dots, understanding the “why” of the nature of events in your life as well as understanding your characteristics, challenges and strengths in your personality. This session can be held via virtual and/or in-person. Book your session below!

Price – $309.99


Monthly/Yearly Numerology Forecast - 1 - 1 1/2 Hours

Feeling a shift in your energy from last year to this year? Looking to publish that book you've been waiting to write? Launching a new website? Planning a big trip oversees? Looking to move to a new location or quit that job you aren't feeling anymore? See what the energy of the year has in store for you.


This session is for people who are looking  for insight on their forecast for the months and current year, planning to make decisions that they need guidance/confirmation on, or looking  to gain a better understanding of how to move with the energy vs. pushing against it.


During this session, we will uncover the numbers and energy of your current year and the next few years ahead. This is a great tool and resource for planning your projects, life events, big moves and more! This reading includes:

  • Digital Numerology Forecast Reading

  • Cycles of Maturity/Pinnacles Overview

  • Personal Month and Year Overview

You are open and free to ask any questions around the energy of your month/year, big decisions, plans for your goals and/or overall guidance for what to expect from the energy during that time. 

Book a session below and take a peak into your Numerology Forecast!

Price - $229.99

Let's Dive In!


Business Energy Reading - 1 Hour

Calling all entrepreneurs, business/company owners, project starters, artists and more!


Looking to see what the energy your business name gives off? Interested in finding out what energy and type of customer or client your business/projects are attracting? Wondering what prices are aligned with your services? This is the session for you! This session includes:

  • An in-depth read on your business name, purpose and energy.

  • Numerology notes (digital copy)

  • Business phone number energy overview

The energy of a name holds a lot of value and importance in our lives, businesses, and projects. We will uncover the hidden energies behind your business name (even your signature), phone numbers and what type of energy you want to have moving forward. Book your reading and let’s get started!

Price - $303.33

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"Your dreams weren't something you created from thin air. You were born with the ability to manifest your dreams into your reality."


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