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Business Energy Consulting and LIT Logo Design

What Does Your Business Energy Say About You?

On the brink of starting a new business? Want to attract the right clientele? Need a logo that will exemplify and highlight the essence of your brand? 

Get you a LIT Logo that will not only embrace your brand's essence, but attracts the right clientele that is aligned with you and your business/brand energy.

Let's get to work and produce some LIT logos!

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Dream Guidance and Interpretation

Understanding Your Dreams is Understanding Yourself

Dreams are more than just your goals and aspirations. Dreams are a part of your life and can be the key to understanding the ponder question of “Who am I?”

By understanding your dreams, you can receive messages and guidance from your guides, subconscious and the universe regarding multiple areas of your life (i.e. Love, life purpose, problems/solutions, relationships, how to achieve your goals, your healing journey, etc.). Let’s explore the depths of your LIT Dreams! Walk on this journey of understanding your goals, dreams and aspiration with me!

Personalized Numerology Guidance Session

How LIT Are Your Numbers?

Everything in the universe carries a vibration…even numbers. Numbers are everywhere! Dreams, birthdays, phone numbers, addresses, clocks, etc.

Numerology is a what I like to call a “blueprint” of your energy, your life and life events. You can use numerology to read and understand the influences in your life as well as personality traits, life purpose and direction, soul lessons, etc. My goal is assist you in your journey of self-love, understanding of how you got to where you are today and give you the tools to guide you in where you are going to go next.  Unlock hidden aspects of yourself with a numerology reading with me today!

Digital Art Portraits and Illustrations

Art is Expression of the Soul

Whether we are the artist or we are the canvas; art gives us the confidence to harness our inner gifts and abilities to be the light we are meant to be.

Looking for some art to hang in your home, a LIT self-portrait, music cover, art to honor a loved one, use for marketing and/or promotional purposes, or maybe for a gift for a friend/family member? Check out some of my work see what speaks to your heart!

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