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My Law Enforcement Psychic Support service offers the expertise of 20+ years of psychic mediumship to assist law enforcement agencies in solving cases related to missing persons, homicide, and cold cases. Through my unique approach, I aim to provide valuable insights and assistance to help law enforcement teams find crucial leads and solve challenging cases.

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Missing Persons

Utilizing my psychic abilities to gain insights into the whereabouts and well-being of missing individuals. Providing detailed descriptions, potential locations, and other relevant information to aid in the search and recovery of missing persons.

Homicide Cases

Tapping into my psychic intuition to uncover potential motives, suspects, and circumstances surrounding homicide cases. Offering support in identifying key evidence and assisting in creating a clearer picture of what transpired.

Cold Cases

Applying psychic techniques to revisit unsolved cases and uncover new leads or evidence that may have been previously overlooked. Providing fresh perspectives and potential breakthroughs in cases that have remained unresolved for extended periods.


My services range from psychic mediumship, psychometry (ability to touch or feel objects and receive psychic impressions/information from them), psychic drawings, and timeline readings. 

It is important to note that my detective services are strictly for law enforcement uses only. I am more than happy to support families through my psychic mediumship services outside of my work with law enforcement to provide support and closure.

1. Complimentary Introductory Call: 

We begin with a complimentary introductory call to discuss if my services align with the needs of the law enforcement agency and the specific case at hand. 

2. Intuitive Touch Reading

Upon agreement to move forward, I conduct an intuitive touch reading on the case. No information is provided outside of the name and photo of the missing person or victim. This reading allows me to tap into the energies associated with the case and gain initial insights. I will be sure to be 100% transparent in the information I am receiving (whether it is an uncertain feeling or a strong confirmation) and would allow room for questions to confirm information that may or may not be known. 

3. Meeting with Lead Liaison & Department 

Following the reading, I arrange a meeting with the lead liaison in charge of the case to discuss the insights obtained and to explore further support that can be provided to the case and the department.

Working Further (Optional)

In the event that my preliminary, volunteer assistance is deemed to be of value and you wish to engage my services further, I am prepared to offer my expertise as a psychic detective on a paid basis. For future assistance, my fees are structured at $285 per hour or a consolidated rate of $1,250 for a complete day's work. It is important to note that these rates would come into effect following the initial volunteer engagement, and in cases where my presence is required at locations beyond my base of operations, additional charges to cover travel expenses will apply. Terms regarding the continuation of my services will be clearly established to ensure transparency and mutual agreement prior to any paid involvement.

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I work closely with law enforcement teams in a collaborative and respectful manner. I understand the sensitive nature of these cases and prioritize professionalism and discretion in my approach. My goal is to complement traditional investigative methods with my unique abilities, ultimately aiming to bring closure to families and justice to those affected by these cases.


By incorporating psychic support into their investigative processes, law enforcement agencies can benefit from:

  • Access to alternative perspectives and insights that may lead to breakthroughs in challenging cases.

  • The opportunity to explore new angles and avenues of investigation that traditional methods may not uncover.

  • Enhanced public perception and trust, as the integration of diverse approaches demonstrates a commitment to exhaust all resources in solving cases.


I maintain an unwavering adherence to the principles of professionalism, ethical conduct, and stringent confidentiality. Rest assured, I uphold a policy of absolute discretion, ensuring that no information pertaining to the case, the law enforcement personnel involved, or the specific areas of my previous engagements will be divulged without proper consent.


If your law enforcement agency is seeking specialized psychic support for missing persons, homicide, or cold cases, I encourage you to reach out to me for a confidential consultation. I am dedicated to assisting in these critical matters and am committed to contributing to the resolution of complex cases.

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