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Yall..... I recently dreamt of zombies! This could've definitely been because I have been watching Resident Evil 2 game play (yes this is for sure true) 😒👀, but the dream itself is still a representation and interpretation of strong messages from your guides and subconscious...

So without fully knowing the context and details of this dream, what do you think this means?

Here are a few meanings for dreams symbols:

Zombies 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️:

  • Depending on the context, dreaming of zombies can point to your feelings of feeling "dead" inside or extremely overwhelmed with external forces around you.

  • If you are a zombie, you could feel detached or disconnected from the world around you

Purse 👛 :

  • Sense of identity, secrets, thoughts, things that are guarded and protected

  • Could also refer to womb and genitalia.

  • Consider the state of the purse, of you are gifted a purse, lose a purse, etc. All of these provide more insight on the state of your mind and dream meanings.

Gun 🔫:

  • Aggression, anger, pride, potential danger.

  • Could be dealing with passive aggressiveness.

  • These dreams can denote feelings of loss of control or being overwhelmed

  • Plenty of other meanings as well!

Your dreams are literally showing you the state you are currently in (or moving into)!

Without knowing the context, you can tell that this dream is a pure example of how your subconscious pulls from your recent conscious thoughts and uses them to give you important messages.

So what can you say my dream is trying to tell me? 🤯 practice makes perfect!



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