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I’m writing this because I want to make sense of all the confusion in my head. A lot of cool things are happening. I find that these days I am unknowingly getting into situations that uncover synchronicity.

On March 3, I spoke on the phone with an old situationship that had recently come back into my life after I cut him out for nearly a year. When I fell asleep that night, I dreamt about being in my old apartment, and this time I was pushing a baby in a stroller.

In the dream I was looking for a room where I could change my newborn’s diaper.  I didn’t feel any connection to this baby so I’m not sure if it was meant to be mine, but I was tending to him(?) like he was.

I remember a middle-aged woman being in the dream and it seemed like she was unhappy I was there, but I continued looking for a space so that I can clean up the baby. Then I woke up.

I ended up meeting up with the situationship on March 5 and we had an interesting/vulnerable conversation about why I cut him out of my life.

When I went home later that day, I was so exhausted that I’m not sure what led to me to go through an old text thread of another friend of my mine, which led me to a journal entry I wrote and sent to her in 2021 about me being pregnant with that same man’s baby.

In the dream from 2021, I was 5 months pregnant and distraught because it was unexpected and there was the implication that I would terminate the pregnancy, though it wasn’t spoken.

This is what I mean when I say I find that Im having experiences where I almost don’t remember because I’m in a daze.  I randomly get these “A-ha” moments where I’m like “did that happen?”

I’m not really sure what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. There was no reason for me to go in that text thread with that friend who I have not spoken with in a while and locate that journal entry from 2021 that happened to be about the same man I had just met. In fact, I completely forgot about that dream so I was not intentionally looking for it.

Honestly I didn’t even remember until today (March 7) that I found that entry two nights ago.

So now I am faced with two dreams: dream of a newborn baby on March 3 2023, and a pregnancy dream from 2021. Both presenting themselves to me after a phone call and a meeting with this man that I do have strong feelings for.

What do you guys think this is? Do you have moments where it seems like you’re just being led to find things? As you can imagine it’s a little concerning because I have no intention of being pregnant but now I’m faced with these dreams about maternity!

Well hopefully that doesn’t make me sound too crazy. And that’s only one odd experience!


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