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Digital Art by Teaira of Queens with LIT Dreams

Art is how I connect my creative mind with my spiritual well-being! Though I have been an artist since childhood, I really began to take my art and creativity to the next level recently this year (2019). From character illustrations and digital paintings to digital portraits and wedding/anniversary gifts; art is proof of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expansion!

Whether you're looking for a gift for your partner or seeking new cover art for your music; digital art can definitely bring life to your home, business, relationships, and more.

I am extremely happy to share my work with you! Check out the gallery below!  

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My First Art Show! 04/2019
Emerging Sight
Nipsey Hussle Portrait
Afro B - Afrowave
Jada Pinkett-Smith Digital Portrait
Tessa Thompson Portrait
Heaven Meets Earth - A Queen with One
Married My Best Friend
A Fabulous Marriage
Child's Smile
No Friend Like Your Sister
Loner Wolf
Are You Following Your Dreams?
What's Poppin?
Connection within the Night
Divine Connection
Beings of the Forest - Elf Seer
The Light Found in the Trees
Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
Cosmic Warriors of Emeria
Sai - Cosmic Warrior
Ashrah - Cosmic Warrior
Joker ad Pennywise (IT)